7 Reasons I Love Stamping

I took the plunge into the blogging world to share my love of stamping and I couldn’t be more excited. I am enthusiastic to share why I love stamping through Stamping Talk, Facts, and Unique ideas (STFU). When you leave, I want you to feel inspired and creative, even if you don’t think you are!

This easy card is one reason I love stamping.  It took minimal and I love the color combination.

So simple to make.

I am going to show you how to make beautiful, but simple, cards, tags, gift card holders, and a slew of other things. You will feel so proud of yourself afterwards, you won’t be able to wait to make another.

Another reason I love stamping is all the floral images.
Abstract Impressions stamp set

Why I love stamping, and you should to…

  1. People love what I make. It’s a great feeling when people acknowledge how much they love what I have given them. I guarantee you will love that feeling too.
  2. I have total control on what I put on paper! The colors (so many colors) , the images, the bling. It’s so much fun.
  3. Let’s talk about the bling…no flashy jewelry for me, I prefer my bling to be glitter, sequins, and rhinestones. So.Much.Bling
  4. It is a great outlet for my creativity.
  5. I don’t have to run out for that birthday card I need to send. Instead, I have a bunch of cards made already to choose from. Seriously, I have cards for every occasion at my fingertips, just waiting to be sent.
  6. Speaking of cards at the ready, I love stamping so much that I had enough cards to package and give to 20 people this Christmas. And I had enough to add to a donation basket for a fundraiser.
  7. I get to channel my inner child. Instead of adult coloring books, I color stamped images to add to a piece of cardstock. Boom. Instant card.

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I hope you are as eager to create tiny pieces of art as I am.  Come back soon.

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  1. Terri

    Found you through a friend. I am a long-time stamper myself and am enjoying your new blog. Excited to see your creations.

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