Stamps, 3 ways…a love story

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I wasn’t able to pull out my stamps this week, Mother Nature took me down with a nasty cold.  I feel better now, and ready to get back to stamping and blogging.  

Today’s post is going to tell you a story about the 3 different kinds of rubber stamps Stampin’ Up! carries.  There are pros and cons for each type of stamp, and we are going to discuss those as well. 

Here we go, all about stamps

In the long gone days when I began stamping (20+ years ago), I went to my first stamp party and fell in love. I saw these wood mounted images, and some samples of what I could do with them. 

wood mounted stamps
We had to cut out each image and then stick them onto the wooden block.

It was love at first sight.  

It was a match made in heaven. 

I found the crafting love of my life.

I knew I had found something good. I could feel my creative juices flowing, and I was helpless to stop the love.

 Even though the stamps and wood blocks came in a plastic box.  

Even though I had to cut the images out from the rubber and mount them ourselves onto the wood block.

Even though I was quickly running out of room to put them all.

We were happy together for a long time, blissfully creating away. This was the only option for purchasing my beloved images for a long time, and I was content.

Then something happened that rocked my stamping life.  



True Love Truly Begins

Along came photopolymer stamps, and it was beautiful. They are clear images. I could see through them!  I could ditch the wood blocks needed for every stamp and use clear blocks over and over again.  

And the best part??  They cost a lot less than the wood mounted images.  

This was a game changer for me. Wood mounted images and I broke up in a hot second.  I never looked back.

Gone were the days of guessing where I needed to place my stamp.  

Gone were the days of wondering where to store the huge boxes wood mounted stamps came in.  

Gone were the days of spending tons of money on wood mounted images.  (Who am I trying to kid? Spending tons of money is still a problem…) 

Clear stamps and I  have been together ever since.  We have coexisted in a warm, loving relationship.

Then, shortly after my relationship with photopolymer stamps started, I met my new best friend. 

Cling mounted stamps.  

Cling mounted stamps
Already trimmed. I just need to pop them out of the rubber and onto a acrylic block to use.

Cling Mounted Stamps

Cling mounted stamps morphed into the love child of wood mounted images,and photopolymer images.  

First, they are made of red rubber with sticky backs and are mounted on clear blocks.  Cling mounted stamps are priced between wood mounted stamps and clear stamps. They take the same amount of room of clear stamps. Lastly, you can not see through them, but they are still easier to stamp with than wood mounted images.

I purchase these stamps if I love the images, but I prefer the ease of photopolymer clear images.  

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2 thoughts on “Stamps, 3 ways…a love story

  1. Terri

    I loved my wooden stamps too. In fact when polymer came out I was very skeptical and it took some time to get on board with them. Of course now I would never go back. The ease of use and the amount of space they take up is just game changing. I fell in love with stamping at a party, just like you. The gold embossing powder is what really got me. Such a great hobby!!

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