Begin Stamping: The Only 3 Things You Need

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I am home from my yearly mancation. Every February I go on vacation with my husband and his two brothers. It is so much fun, and I look forward to it every year. We were busy eating all week, took in a play, and went to Manatee Park.

When I did have quiet time I was wishing that I had some of my stamping things with me. Which made me think “What exactly would I have brought with me on vacation?” I was thinking since I couldn’t pack too much it would have to be pretty simple.

I made a short list in my head and realized that the short list was the same things I would recommend to begin stamping for a newbie. Beginner stampers only need three things: stamps, paper, and ink.

I reminisced about when I was getting into stamping and how overwhelmed I felt trying to decide what to get. Going to the local stamp store was not helpful to me. I think the stamp store employees assumed that because I was there in a specialized shop that I knew what I was doing.

They were wrong.

All people who want to begin stamping feel the same way. And they want All. The. Things. It can be a lot to think about.

Let me break it down for you. You only need 3 things to get started. 

Stamps.  Paper. Ink. 

That’s it. It’s so so simple to get started.


In my last blog post we discussed the different kinds of stamps. Now I would like to talk about what stamp sets would be the most beneficial for a new stamper. 

My first stamp set suggestion would be a stamp set that is gender neutral. You can use different ink colors to make your card for either a man or a woman. More about that later. 

A favorite of mine is called Waterfront. It is super versatile and it makes people think you are a watercolor painter. I always get tons of compliments when I use this stamp set. As someone who wants to begin stamping, getting all the compliments you can is great for your confidence.

Beginner stampers would benefit from a set that has images and words.  This is the Waterfront stamp set by Stampin' Up!
Waterfront Stamp Set

This stamp set has a few sentiments, and the are great. Sometimes you need a more versatile stamp set when you are beginning.

A sentiment set for beginners should include a healthy selection of sentiments, so you can cover several different occasions. My suggestion is Peaceful Moments. It includes happy birthday, thank you, and congratulations. 

Another great stamp set for people who want to begin stamping.  Peaceful Moments by Stampin' Up!
Peaceful Moments

If you want to save a little money you might want to choose a stamp set like Music From the Heart. It has a nice balance of images and sentiments. 

Stamp set that contains words and sentiments.  Music from the Heart by Stampin' Up! Great for beginner stampers
Music From the Heart


Once you have chosen the stamp sets you would like, it’s now time to add some color. For a beginner, I would suggest 3-4 ink colors; one of them being a neutral like black or brown. 

Stampin’ Up! offers 4 different color families, and the colors in each family are made to complement each other, so you don’t have to worry about whether the colors go together. The guess work is done for you. 

If you choose 2-3 colors from one family you will be able to make well coordinated cards. All you need is a neutral to go with them. 

I tend to go for the Brights family, Granny Apple Green is my go to green. If you are making cards for summer, birthdays, or celebrations, this might be the color family for you. You can check out all the colors here

My second favorite color family is the Subtles. This family is made of pastel colors. Looking at those colors makes me think of spring, flowers, and babies. Being partial to purple and Scotland, my go to choice is Highland Heather. 

A staple in the stamping arsenal is the Neutrals. I consider you need this family to be the backbone of stamping. The browns and grays are so useful to make landscape and outdoorsy cards. They also lend themselves nicely to making man cards. I reach for the Mossy Meadow ink pad often. 

Last family is the Regal inks. I use colors from this set to make Christmas cards, anniversary and wedding cards, and fall cards. Pumpkin Pie is a great color I grab a lot. 


The last thing needs is paper, also called cardstock. Stampin’ Up! cardstock is so thick you can add several layers and your card will still be able to stand up. 

 A cost effective way to start making cards is to begin with a set of notecards and envelopes. You can get these in Whisper White. A set comes with 20 cards and envelopes, so you will have enough for any event you have coming up. 

If you like the idea of adding colorful layers, you are going to want a  variety package of cardstock that matches the colors of ink you chose above. Subtles, Neutrals, Regals, and Brights.

I have to say that Stampin’ Up! makes sure that the cardstock, ink, and markers all match perfectly. It is the only cardstock and ink I use. 

That was a lot of information! I hope it was useful and informative.  

Take a SIP

When you begin stamping, it is as simple as taking a SIP. Stamps. Ink. Paper. My next post will include cards that only include the three ingredients you need to begin.

To begin stamping, you only need 3 things. Stamps, Ink, and Paper

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