Embellishments: When is it enough?

Do you often wonder how many embellishments are too much?  Not sure when to stop adding to your project before it goes from stunning to OMG it’s too much? This post is going to help you figure out when to stop adding elements.  

I love to add embellishments to my cards and projects.  Nothing makes me happier than to see my projects come to life by adding ribbon, sequins, rhinestones, glitter, die cuts, trinkets, or anything else that will add a little something to my card.  I could go on forever talking about these little doodads.

But, sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much. 

Making a card could be compared to writing an article (just when you thought school was over).  The main idea of your card is the message and images you use, and the details are the colors, card stock, and embellishments you use.

Just like writing an article, once you think you are done with your first draft, you edit your work. Here are a few ideas for adding details to your cards and other gifts.

closeup of embellishments
close up of embellishments


The first embellishment I jump to is ribbon.  Sticking to one ribbon per card that repeats a color from your stamped images will keep your card from being too bulky. You don’t want your ribbon covering too much of your images.  If I am using red and green in my card, for example, I wouldn’t add orange because none of the other stamped images are green or red.  

Small embellishments

I love when my card sparkles, so my next go to embellishment is rhinestones.  When adding rhinestones, sequins, or glitter dots, or any other small doodad, I recommend 3 or 5 on a project.  Use an odd number because things look more natural that way. If you are using colored embellishments, be sure to have them match the other colors you are already using.

Designer Series Paper as an embellishment

In one of my previous posts I discuss how choosing a Designer Series Paper (I consider this to be an embellishment) will help you choose your color palette.  These papers usually have 3-5 colors on them. This is a great way to choose a color palette. I don’t stray from these colors when adding embellishments because then my card starts looking like it is too much.  

well balanced embellished card
Beautifully embellished card

Helpful Hints for embellishing your projects

There is a lot of information here, so I want to give you just the bullet points to help you begin editing your projects.

  -use only 3-5 colors in any project

  -no more that 2-4 embellishments

  -if you use designer series paper, choose your colors in the paper

  -colors of ink and cardstock should match

You want the recipient of your card to say Wow! not Holy Cow! when they open your card.  Using these helpful hints will help you begin to learn how to edit your cards and gift packaging.

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