Stamping, Family Style

Did you know that in 2018, parents spent an average of 1.38 hours per day taking care of their child? And that they spent 31 minutes of that time playing with their child?

It’s clear that parents don’t have a lot of time these days, so we need to make that time count.  

I say one way to spend that time with children is to involve them in your stamping hobby!

Recently, I did just that with my 3 children and my daughters boyfriend.  When we couldn’t go anywhere, we broke out the stamps, ink, and paper. My boys were lacking a little in enthusiasm, but my daughter and her boyfriend were game.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to share my love of stamping with my kids.  I showed them how to make a card, and then they let their creativity flow. While everyone’s card looked similar, each showed how they put their own twist on their cards. 

working hard

We each made 2 cards. By the end, I think even my boys were starting to warm up to the activity.  


Stamping Together Strengthens Bonds

When we stamped together we were able to all share in an experience that most of the kids hadn’t before. Since pretty much everyone was new to stamping, we were all able to learn from each other.  I loved seeing my kids complimenting each other and encouraging each other. And now we have an awesome memory to look back.  

Family Members See Why You Love Stamping

While I am not convinced I turned them all into stampers, everyone got a little taste of why I love stamping so much. They got to put their own touches on their cards, which is why I love stamping as well.

Bonus: they each walked away with 2 finished projects they can send to others.  

Stamping Builds Confidence

One stamping session will not a stamper make, but if we continue to hold family stamping  sessions I know my kids will build more confidence in what they are doing. As a matter of fact, I sent a kit home with my daughter and she has already started making cards with it!

Kits are a great way to help build confidence because everything is provided for you.  You can make the suggested card, and as you get more comfortable, you naturally want to start experimenting to see what different looks you can make.

confident stamping
Look at that huge smile

Helps You Forget What Is Going On

This one is so important right now.  We all need a break from the doom and gloom we see on TV.  The other day I was watching the news, and I started to feel so much anxiety building in my body.  I knew I needed to change my focus, and stamping provided me with that opportunity. 

The good thing is that when all this turmoil in the world is over, stamping with your family will be an option whenever you or your family members start to feel overwhelmed or bored.

Stamping Prevents Boredom

When you notice your kids starting to get restless, you have an opportunity to take your supplies out and let them explore their creativity.  Nothing kills boredom like creating something they are proud of. While you are sitting with the kids, you can also be working on a project and everyone is happy. 

Kids Send Cards To Loved Ones

Once kids are done with their cards, they can share them with other people in their family.  Grandma and Grandpa would treasure this handmade creation, and they can brag to their friends about what  awesome artists their grandchildren have become.  

This is also an awesome opportunity to help kids learn how to address an envelope. With email being such an easy way to communicate, addressing an envelope is becoming a lost skill. (that’s the teacher in me talking, too 😉 )

Stamping Builds Art Appreciation

And if all of the other reasons aren’t enough, stamping encompasses so many facets of art. Talking about how colors work together, composition of images, layering, and editing the card are all ideas artists deal with as well. 

You can combine a little bit of art education with stamping by looking at artists’ paintings and drawings and use those as inspiration for a stamping project. 

I especially love looking at landscapes to find inspiration.  I have a couple of stamp sets that lend themselves well to creating landscape cards. If you are looking for landscape inspiration, look here.


There are so many good reasons you should be stamping with your family.

Family stamping together
Finished products!

I challenge you to spend some time creating with your family this weekend. If you need or want any products please contact me! Please share how it goes in the comment section below.

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